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It’s been a while since last I wrote. One thing I am going to start doing is including the price of the things I purchase, this will be especially useful to the blog – or more specifically the people that may use my blog for its intended purpose.

My 15 year old has gotten a learners permit (or whatever they call it these days) and we are doing a lot more driving in order to get as much experience as possible. This is actually a type of prepping/sustainable living. Another driver is another resource. It means we are more mobile, if someone hurts themselves there is another person now capable of driving them to the hospital. If there are multiple stores that need to be visited, we can now split them up and that frees up more time. You get the idea. Of course to maximize this we need another car. Right now I could drive the truck leaving my car free, but both of those vehicles are pretty long in the tooth.

I can’t remember how long it’s been, but I did buy 5 more bonsai trees at $7 each! I am thinking I can transplant them and then try selling them at a garage sale. If successful, that could be another source of revenue.

09/26/12 ACTION

– Bought a pick axe for $25 – 9/17/12 Now I can break up that layer of limestone that sits about 15” below the surface when I want to plant.

– Bought a 15gal drum to store gas from $26.98 – 9/20/12

– Bought 8 pack AAA eneloop batteries $16.35 – 9/20/12

– Bought tray of Romaine lettuce (8 heads I think?), head of garlic and bunch of onion bulbs to try in fall garden $7.86 – 9/26/12



Ok, I am going to submit several posts that will be titled with a date so I can get this blog caught up with where I actually am in my life, and the day to day events and actions that have gotten me there. My purpose (as always) is to show that taking small but consistent steps will eventually give me the resilience I am after, even if it takes a while. My hope is that others who desire to become resilient but feel overwhelmed by the financial and time restraints will take the same small steps and set themselves free as well.

08/29/12 ACTION

– Since the last update, I have replaced my S&W 9mm with a Steyr 9mm for $379 that I really like. I haven’t shot it yet, but it fits my hand like a glove. Also bought a small ammo case for $10.

– Yesterday I bought a 16 pack of rechargeable Sanyo Eneloop AA batteries, bringing my total to 24. I no longer have to spend money on replacement batteries, so they will reduce my cash outflow, and they can be charged using an inverter in an extended power loss scenario.

– I have ramped up my job search. I’ve reached out to a few more people, gotten my resume in really good shape and have 2 versions of it, I have one ok 30 second resume, I have done a lot of research on my personality type and am more knowledgeable about my strengths, talents and preferences.

– Bought permethrin to try and control mosquito explosion in back yard (I consider this a prep because the last thing I need to deal with is west nile virus, plus working on my garden will be more bearable if I’m not getting covered in bites).