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Critical Thinking Skills

13 lines of reason that form a foundation for critical thinking.
1) Does it / will it affect me (us)?
      a. If not, then who freaking cares? Why let it bother you?

2) Do not resist something that has no power.
      a. If you do:
           1. you give it power – even if it is just marketing.
           2.You have given it more attention than it ever would have received if you’d ignored it. You have essentially become its tool
      b. Do not be misled

3) Does it increase the power of one person (or group) over another (involuntarily)?

4) Is it Constitutional?

5) Does it (will it) make people that agree on 90% of issues fight among themselves?
      a.If so, the issue may exist solely for that purpose
      b. see #1

6) Does it break a previous agreement?

7) What will it cost, and what is the ROI?
      a. Who pays?
      b. Who benefits – Cui bono?

8) Is my personal bias influencing my judgment on this?

9) What is the result – what are the consequences?

10) What happens if we do nothing or leave it alone?

11) Could it potentially lead to more government intrusion in the future, or intrusion into more areas?

12) Do I really need to have an opinion or get involved in this?

13) Make the opposing side’s argument for them.
      a. Play devil’s advocate b. what are their supporting arguments? Are they valid – do they make sense to me?