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Ok so here’s the deal. I am looking to create a blog which is basically a journal of my journey toward being less dependent on “the system” and the rat race, along with some random thoughts de jour. I believe people need to have the ability to make choices based on their moral compass and not on the pressing need of their debt load and the cost of living in general. It is more of a “living life the way God intended” and “living the life that our forefathers envisioned”. This means being resilient regardless of what life throws at you. if a storm hits, are you prepared? If the economy collapses, are you prepared? If someone tries to mug you, are you prepared. If truckers go on strike and stop delivering food to supermarkets, are you prepared? If there is a zombie apocalypse, are you prepared?

I believe Corporate America is a greedy, self serving, soul sucking entity that has enslaved the masses who are now too ignorant, weak, and fearful to attempt to demand better treatment as employees. People need to be able to survive in the event that they tell their boss “no” or “kiss my a55”, and it seems like economically our society is reaching a point where some can’t even survive by knuckling under to “the man”. The term for that is downward class migration, making the same money – or even a little more – than you did previously but being able to buy less and less (groceries, gas, home, etc.)

People need to be in a position to not lose their homes if they get let go because the company off-shored their position. People need to have a “rainy day” plan. It’s also about being in control of your own life, being free to make your own choices. I just heard an HR person say that a company was looking for someone with no tattoos, no facial hair, no smoking…REALLY? How about the best person for the job whether they have beard or not. We are being homogenized into one size fits all clones (drones?). Those that are good at conforming and giving up their free thought get rewarded, those that have individuality as an integral part of their personality are marginalized. People need to have a plan for jumping ship and pursuing their dream. Even if people can’t see the importance of this or don’t care, I do. So I want to document my journey just in case someone else has the same desire but feels that it is hopeless and unachievable, and share some of my thoughts and observations along the way. I will show the baby steps that I am taking to get there, and that anyone else can take as well.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

  1. Consider your blog followed; I’ll be back! 🙂

    • Very cool, thanks!
      It looks like you are blogging from across the pond. I may go on about what was intended by our founding fathers, but when they wrote the constitution it was their belief that it applied to all men. That self determination was an inherent right of humanity, not just citizens of the US. It was their intent that it be the evolution of the ideals of John Locke and Montesquieu.

      Self determination is our right, and it hasn’t been taken, it has been relinquished!

  2. I like the perspective you provide in this blog. It sounds like you’ve got your head screwed on right, which is quite refreshing after listening to the news and despairing over humanity. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks man,
      it’s not the zombie biker apocalypse that is coming, and it isn’t WROL, it’s EROL (excessive rule of law). Our grandparents used to say things like “don’t put your all eggs in one basket” and “put some away for a rainy day”. That was wisdom. The reason people resist becoming resilient is because the worship convenience. They want someone else to fix things for them. Loss of resilience is the reason behind our loss of liberty. Even if you can’t do much, do something, ya know?

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