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Iron skillet, How do I love thee?

Let me count the ways…

I made an observation, the pan should be warm when scraping. If there is left over grease from this morning’s sausage in the skillet and you want to scrape out the sausage crispies before cooking dinner in it, don’t just start scraping. If it is warm it will be more piable and will fill in the pores, but if it is crusted on and you start scraping you may pull out some of the seasoning and create more pits that need to be smoothed (filled).

On the flip side, if you heat it too hot before scraping, it will get gummy. This is ok if you’ve already scraped and are into the cooking phase (unless you’re cooking something without much fat and no added oil or anything) because it’ll just flavor the dish. It may still be gummy when you’re done, but it will be much less so, and you can just “clean” it as you normally would at this point (add a bit of oil, warm it and scrape it into the gummy parts, then wipe out with paper towel).