It looks like I have gone on a bit of a spending spree, but I feel it is necessary. I have not been as focused as I have needed to be recently so I feel like I have some catching up to do. I haven’t been getting the OT I need, but since my wife is anything but “gazelle intense” (for instance, she is willing to keep paying ATT $100 per month so she can dvr “The Voice” and “Xfactor”), and I haven’t been taking any money from her paycheck to pay bills, I am going to use any extra to become more resilient so I can break free from my dependence on the system. I have started listing the things I am intent upon buying with the hours of OT required to do so. As long as I stick to the schedule things should be ok. Jack at TSP has said (and of course it makes sense) that QE3 (ha) will probably put off the inevitable economic hardship for 18-24 months, so that is the time frame I am giving myself to become as resilient as possible. Sustainable living is the goal. I believe that what is going to happen in the economic meltdown is that the govt will began taxing the crap out of us, making it harder and harder to survive on what we make. They may make credit easier to obtain, at least for a while, so that people are even more enslaved by their debt. I have to be prepared for the heavy taxation and resist the urge to continue the status quo by using credit. That means being able to provide some things that we normally spend money on – like food – so we will have money for the things we can’t provide for ourselves, like medicine.

I am reading the series 299 days and it has really made me more committed to getting in better health. I had my blood work done on Tuesday, and my numbers are great. My total cholesterol is 177 (could be better but), my LDL is 85 and my HDL is 85, triglycerides are at 37, and my A1C was <6 (5.6?). I splurged on raw milk because I figure it has a lot of nutrients that are missing in our diet so if my youngest and I get them once in a while it is better than nothing. Plus, while we are getting them from the raw milk we are getting a break the skim milk at the same time.

09/27/12 ACTION

– Bought 4 bags raised bed garden mix $64.00 (ouch)

– Bought 300 rounds 9mm bulk for $71.18 (again ouch, but needed for target practice). Need to break in my Steyr and get comfortable using it.

– Bought some raw milk $10. (the price has gone up $2/gallon because the local gov’t is making it harder for them to be in business)


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