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Wow, has it really been that long? Man, where to begin? I am just freaking beat. After spending the last 5 years getting my BBS, going to school half time and working full time (and then some), I am now dealing with the neglect that was imposed on my house as a result. So I work an insane number of hours for the overlords meeting the ridiculous deadline that was imposed to ensure that they can get their bonus this year, and then go home and work on my house before it falls further into disrepair. I am working on the exterior (trying to get it done before the real heat of summer kicks in) replacing wood that is rotting, scraping, sanding, caulking, getting ready to power wash, prime and paint. A couple of weeks ago we repainted the only interior room that had to be done, and while we were at it we updated it a little. It was one of my kid’s rooms and it had been many, many years since the last update. It needed to be done, a 16 year old needs a teenager room to help them feel more mature and independent. Needless to say, the tax return has been depleted. No vacation for you!

Work just sucks. I have busted my ass this year making things happen for people that don’t give a crap about anything other than their bonus, and I get nothing for it. My supervisor says “thanks”, and follows that up with “so did you get (some other thing) finished yet?” REALLY???? Are you so freaking clueless about what I just accomplished and how much effort it took that you think I had time to do these other things too? That is just insulting. I was putting in 12 hour days because “they” arbitrarily decided to move a deadline up by an entire week – at month end close – just so they could make sure they were on track to get there bonus. And now my supervisor’s boss wants us to start tracking what we do each day because he is concerned about the overtime! I am extremely insulted. We are being treated like children – like untrustworthy children. I am so pissed off! Hard work is not appreciated at all. Add to that the fact that there are some who can come and go as they please, spend the majority of the day being a distraction, and make the most money in the department, and the overlords see them as key contributors!



Published on May 31, 2012 by denebrock

A visual representation of Jack Spirko’s podcast speech in answer to a youtube video called “If I Wanted America To Fail”. Podcast is located at