ABOUT MY PURPOSE. I can’t just focus on cash flow and freedom from the corporate structure, because what good is that when some kind of event could very likely occur that would disrupt the other systems I am so dependent upon? http://www.timesofisrael.com/iaf-plans-for-iran-attack/ It’s stuff like this that makes me realize I need to be working on prepping for self sufficiency and independence from ALL the systems as much as I need to be working toward Liberty for the purpose of making my own decisions and living life the way I see fit. It’s not just threats from abroad either. Take a look at what those who decide what is best for us are up to:

I really don’t intend to make this blog overtly political, since I am keenly aware that it is pointless in a single party system, even If we can’t tell whether that party is the Demopublicans or the Republicrats. I want to spend my time talking about things of which I actually have a choice. So back on topic, I have to make progress in multiple areas at once  that will get me closer to independence in my life, which make the process considerably slower.

With that in mind, I bought a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket with a lid and spent about $5 on a 5lb bag of sugar, a 5lb bag of flour, and a bag of organic oats (don’t remember the weight on that one). Stuck that stuff in the bucket, threw in some moisture absorbing packs from some empty vitamin bottles, sealed it up and put it in the coolest part of my garage. I also spent some time (about an hour) over the weekend working on my resume. Baby steps, that’s what this blog is all about (because that’s all I can afford).


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