Daily Archives: April 11, 2012


I find myself in a rather strange situation making this post, as I never really expected people to actually read this blog – especially this soon. I’m glad you are, don’t get me wrong, I just never took the prospect too seriously. After all, who’d want to read the rants of just some average dude? I’m not an expert of any kind. I’m just your typical disgruntled cubicle clone who is fed up with the avarice, materialism, me-first consumption, and self absorbed consumerism that has become so commonplace in our society, as well as with the blatant disregard disdain for accountability, ethics, morality, personal responsibility, consequences for actions, creation rather than consumption, etc. that is the inevitable result. As far as mindset goes, society is becoming the Borg. But I digress…

So since I now know that I have a reader base, I feel I should mention that you may notice this blog looking different from time to time as you check in to see what’s new. I need to ask y’all to bear with me as I play around with the look of my site until I find the format that is truly me. The content won’t change, since it is merely a record of my daily journey toward a more sustainable and resilient lifestyle that will eventually (God willing) culminate in personal freedom and liberty. As you know from my last post I can’t truly dedicate any serious blocks of time to work that out, I just have to try it piecemeal for all to see until I finally get it right, and who knows how long that could take. Nonetheless, I shall persevere!