I keep allowing myself to get distracted by all of the different preps that can be undertaken. Some of that is due to my paranoid nature, and some is due to the allure of being completely independent and self-sufficient. Some of it is the appeal of learning some forgotten skill set, something that makes me unique and would make me needed and vital should something occur that would require that skill set. It’s like being the keeper of knowledge, Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider style.

But alas, I need to stay focused on my top 3 priorities. Many preps are for complete independence from the system, or for total collapse; for instance, making my own fuel. But what about starting my garden, where does it land on the list of priorities? It isn’t going to do much for cutting the grocery expense, but it has a lot more value (utility) in helping me achieve my number one priority – health. So it is important to ask: How much will an endeavor I want to undertake help in achieving my goals vs. the effort and input required to accomplish it? How much value will it provide? Should it be a higher or lower priority than some less exciting goal like getting my resume updated? I can only make these decisions for my own situation, everyone is going to have a different priority/pressing need.

My three main goals that I have identified are: Health, Cash Flow, and Storm Preparedness. Beyond that each of these can be broken into subcategories. Health can be broken down into Nutrition, Exercise, mental health, Dr checkups, and procedures; cash flow can be reduce expenses and increase cash flow (which can be further broken down into multiple revenue streams, overtime, new job, etc); and storm preparedness can be broken down into first aid kit, tornado plan and supplies, loss of electricity.

Some preps have “crossover” value, meaning they can provide resilience for multiple scenarios or they meet multiple goals. The first aid kit is a perfect example. So is a garden. As mentioned above, it can provide quality food as well as exercise, it can reduce the grocery expense, it can feed the family in times of crisis. In fact, Jack Spirko at TSP said something profound along those very lines in his podcast from 12/21/11: “If you can not feed yourself, you do not have liberty.” Think about it, if someone else feeds you, or you depend on someone else in order to provide food for you and your family, you are their servant. You cannot do things they disapprove of or they will take away your ability to survive. That is not liberty and that is not freedom; that is slavery (bondage).

With all that in mind, I have started exercising and am starting a garden. Here is what I am starting with:

Back and Side Fence

Black Berry Bush

Not much to get excited about, I know.  But that’s rather the point.  It is the journey of a thousand miles, but I am undaunted.


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