Jack Spirko made the following statement on “5 minutes with Jack” that I agree with wholeheartedly: “I do not believe that being an employee is a natural state for a human being to be in.” I would modify that to say it’s not for “all” human beings. Some excel in that state. He also noted that “Basically you give your time to someone that tells you how to spend it”, and that I am “fighting a war for [my] individuality and freedom”; “Society is set up where work is one of the few available options.” How motivating is that? I am fighting a war for my liberty. Here is the link, I would highly recommend listening to it:

The revolution is about thinking for yourself and not being so dependent anymore. It is about living the life envisioned by the founding fathers in the country they founded.
It is about Liberty.

Thinking for yourself is the new revolution; it’s no longer about a direct revolution. I am not meant to work a 9-5 job. I can feel it in my bones; I can feel it in my soul. Every time I say that I feel like a caged bird, that is what I’m talking about. I AM FIGHTING A WAR FOR MY LIBERTY.

There is someone where I work who is elderly and in poor health. This person seems to try to trip people up from time to time, is bitter, and always seems to intentionally make things more complicated (time consuming) than they have to be. In my spirit this morning I felt compassion and an understanding for this behavior. This person will not work again if she finds herself unemployed, so she is trying to make herself seem vital to the job. The point of the story is: I must put myself in a position to not have to contend with that scenario, with that feeling of desperation and knowing that I really have no other options. That is the importance of self sufficiency.

Imagine never being trapped in a cube – and commuting an hour each day to be there – ever again!

Not everyone has the support, resources, time, etc. that others do for achieving their personal liberty. Many will look at the pictures on the web of preppers showing “what I am doing in my life” and feel overwhelmed. They may feel like “what’s the point, it takes more than I have to give to do that”, or “man I wish…”, etc. I want to show that even little bitty baby steps are better than nothing, and some people really do start that way. And it may take a long time, but so what?


  • Listened to an awesome 5 minutes with Jack episode – 6 TIMES!
  • Sent an email to Chuck from lifegroup. This is a step toward liberty because I am investing in Social capital.
  • I’ve been collecting coffee grounds for composting so I can turn my dirt into soil.
  • Sunday I put a 2×6 in my back yard to mark off a spot that I will plant some onions and then cover with my compost. I’ll post a pic later.

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