Something I Have Overlooked

I have failed to mention that the very first thing I did was pull together an EDC kit. It took very little in the way of time and resources, and the potential it provides far, far outstrips the effort and expense I put into it. I would recommend that be the first step anyone takes on the road to independence. Be prepared, you’ll never regret it!
(Please note that there is a difference between an EDC bag, a car kit bag, and a bug out bag.)

I started with a $15 backpack which I still use as my EDC, and goes everywhere with me. I have some spare cash, a knife, lip balm, a pad of paper, a pen, a sharpie, a cheap flashlight, a lighter superglue, mints, tweazers, get the idea. Personalize it for your own needs. Since an EDC goes everywhere and does not stay in the car (that would be a car kit), a couple of weeks ago I decided to add a spare set of keys to each of my vehicles. Guess what happened a couple of weeks ago that made me realize I needed to add them to the EDC…


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  1. Okay, what’s the difference between the EDC you describe and my grandmother’s purse? She had everything in there. I think she had jumper cables in her purse.

    • Sorry for the delayed response. The difference is a guy can’t look cool carrying a purse, no matter what marketers may call the thing. Her purse was, by definition, an EDC. I hope you spent as much time as you could gleaning old school wisdom from her, those older generations were the original resilientists. For a classic example of this, check out the little old lady in “Madagascar 2: Escape 2 Africa.”

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