Day to Day Action – Be the Revolution

The revolution is about thinking for yourself and not being so dependant anymore.  It is about living the life envisioned by the founding fathers in the country they founded.

It is about Liberty.

Bear with me as I learn to walk in this online journal, and that’s really what this blog is to me, a journal.    Sometimes my thoughts are going to be random.  Ultimately Suburban Resilience is about liberty; and thus it is a form of rebellion.  I am rebelling against the status quo.  I look around and know in my heart that something is not right – not the way things are. 

    The things in my life that I value most do not get the lions share of my time or attention.  That is going to change.

  My hope is that others who feel the same way I do, yet feel just as lost, are going to be able to look through these journal entries and find mistakes to avoid as will as find pearls of wisdom that I may stumble upon, and perhaps find a way they too can start living life for themselves.  Some people don’t know where to begin (me), and some are afraid to try and fail colossally (not me).  Hopefully those people will see that you can start small and still accomplish the goal. I am hoping this journal allows them to build upon my successes and avoid my failures.  Mainly I want to give them hope. I also want to use this as an “accountability” blog, a way to track my progress and hold myself accountable for doing something on a regular basis to achieve my goal of being my own person.


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